Hypnotherapy can help you to overcome your issues and achieve your goals. Whether you want to eliminate anxiety, build your confidence, lose weight, quit smoking, overcome a fear, or something else, hypnotherapy has the power to free you.


I have created a range of hypnotherapy MP3s and other products that are specially designed to help you achieve your goal. Each poduct is based on tried and tested methods that have helped many of my clients get to where they want to be in life. They can help you too.


Invest in your wellbeing by simply clicking on the product that you are interested in. Once you have made your purchase, your order will be sent to you.



Relaxation MP3



Relax your mind and body with this soothing MP3 designed to help you experience total relaxation.




Stress Relief MP3



De-stress with this calming MP3 that has been specially created to help you feel innner peace.



Quit Smoking MP3



Put out the cigarettes for good with this powerful hypnotherapy MP3 that can help you become a non-smoker forever.




Weight Loss MP3



Become your ideal shape, size and weight with this powerful MP3 that can help you to take complete control.




Eliminate Anxiety MP3



Shield yourself from anxiety with this powerful recording that will help you to be free of anxiety for the rest of your life.




Confidence Booster MP3



Build your confidence and self-esteem with this empowering recording that will help you to leave the past behind.




Quit Smoking Audio Pack



Put out the cigarettes for good with my Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy Audio Pack. It will help you quit forever.




Virtual Gastric Band Audio Pack



Lose weight from the comfort of your home with my Virtual Gastric Band Audio Pack. It's tried, tested and works.