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LGBT+ affirmative therapy is about having a true understanding of the specific issues and challenges that LGBT+ people face, plus knowledge of the barriers that many LGBT+ people face when trying to access health and therapeutic services, as well as being truly accepting of LGBT+ people's identities. It goes beyond simply being ok with LGBT+ people or being fine with working with that community. It's much more in-depth than that and in the present day every ethical therapist should be LGBT+ affirmative.


As a therapist and as a human being I am fully LGBT+ affirmative. I don't mind sharing that I am LGBT+, which means I have a lived experience to draw on in addition to the knowledge and skills that I'm able to utilise when working with LGBT+ clients. As a global authority on working with LGBT+ clients, I have trained thousands of people on the topic, helping therapists to provide inclusive, accessible, and affirmative services to LGBT+ clients. 


If you are LGBT+ then I fully welcome, embrace and accept you for who you are. You will receive a compassionate, understanding, inclusive, accessible service where you are free to express who you are without the need to edit parts of your identity or your life.

Click here to book your consultation, or alternatively email or call +44 (0)7816 181 428.

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