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About supervision


Supervision is a vital checking in process for therapists and I am delighted to be able to provide supervision services for counsellors and hypnotherapists.


For trainees or recently qualified counsellors and hypnotherapists, supervision is your opportunity to gain advice and support about building your practice and the clients you are working with, particularly if any of your clients are challenging or have complex needs.

For experienced counsellors and hypnotherapists, supervision is very much about checking in, making use of a sounding board and being provided with a fresh perspective.


Whether you are new to being a counsellor or hypnotherapist, or have many years of experience, supervision is also about making sure you are working within your boundaries and the scope of your professional membership body's code of ethics.


As your supervisor I can help you with your professional development. Supervision is a collaboration and my role is to support and inspire you in your work. I will guide you in reflecting on the work you have done with your clients, discuss any concerns or problems you are having, and support you in looking at training needs.


As a supervisor I am friendly, empathetic, non-judgemental and all about being there for you. My qualification is a Certificate in Supervision. It's a recognised and accredited qualification. I have also been a therapist since 2009 and a trainer of therapists since 2017, so have many years and a wealth of experience to bring to the table for you too.


Each supervision session will be documented and I will keep accurate records. A written summary will be sent to you after each supervision session and I am able to provide a report for your professional membership organisation if required annually or as part of a review process.


Appointments can take place in person at my clinic in Leamington Spa or by video call, so that wherever you are in the world, you can access the supervision support that you require.

Number of supervision hours required


The number of hours of supervision you require will depend on which professional membership body you are registered with. As a general rule, the following hours are recommended:


National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society and National Hypnotherapy Society:


1.5 hours per month for therapists in full time practice.


1.5 hours per month for accredited counsellors.


General Hypnotherapy Register:


A minimum of 2 hours in a three month period during the first two years of practice. Then it becomes voluntary.


National Council for Hypnotherapy:


A minimum of 30 minutes per month or 6 hours per year during the first three years of practice. Then it becomes voluntary.


Other factors will also determine how much supervision you have. The type of clients your work with, your level of experience, and whether you are in full time or part time practice will play a part in how much supervision you take part in. Please contact me if you wish to discuss how much supervision you would need. Depending on what your membership body says and whether you are full time or part time (or just starting out), you may only require supervision on an adhoc basis, rather than 1.5 hours each month. Let's talk and explore your options.


Cost of supervision


Supervision sessions last for 60 minutes. The cost is:


£60 for qualified counsellors and hypnotherapists

£30 for trainee counsellors and hypnotherapists

If you are looking for supervision, please contact me on +44 (0)7816 181 428, email, or use the contact form below. I will respond to you within 48 hours and seek to book an exploration appointment where we can meet each other, talk through your needs and what supervision will involve, before making a decision about whether to work together.


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