LGBT+ affirmative therapy is about having a true understanding of the specific issues and challenges that LGBT+ people face, plus knowledge of the barriers that many LGBT+ people face when trying to access health and therapeutic services, and being truly accepting of LGBT+ people's identities. It goes beyond simply being ok with LGBT+ people or being fine with working with that community. It's much more in-depth than that and in the present day every ethical therapist should be LGBT+ affirmative.


As a therapist and as a human being I am fully LGBT+ affirmative. I don't mind sharing that I am LGBT+, which means I have a lived experience to draw on in addition to the knowledge and skills that I'm able to utilise when working with LGBT+ clients.


If you are LGBT+ then I fully welcome, embrace and accept you for who you are. You will receive a compassionate, understanding, inclusive, accessible service where you are free to express who you are without the need to edit parts of your identity.


If you are a therapist and wanting to become LGBT+ affirmative then I am here to help you to achieve that. I provide several options to help you grow, develop and become truly LGBT+ affirmative. I'm a world leader in this area, having advised the UK government on mental health policy for LGBT+ people, in addition to winning numerous awards and being named among the most influential LGBT+ people in the UK for my work supporting LGBT+ people, and having trained over 3,000 people from around the globe so far in how to be LGBT+ aware and affirmative. I'm here to support you with this too.


The LGBT+ Affirmative Therapist training that I provide is Quality Checked by the National Hypnotherapy Society. This means that the training has been rigorously assessed and meets the high standards required to be delivered to therapists. The Quality Check is reviewed and renewed annually to ensure that the training continues to meet acceptable standards.


Below you will find details on the options available to you. If you would like to discuss your options before investing in becoming an LGBT+ affirmative therapist, I will be happy for you to contact me.


Option 1 – Face to face training


A one day CPD training course equipping you with all the knowledge, understanding and confidence needed to be a truly LGBT+ affirmative therapist.


This training covers:


- What being an LGBT+ affirmative therapist means

- Specific issues faced by the LGBT+ community

- Barriers faced by LGBT+ people accessing therapeutic services

- Terminology and understanding LGBT+ identities

- Challenging your prejudices and belief systems

- How to work with LGBT+ clients in an affirmative way


The training involves lots of discussion and group work. Take-away resources will be provided, including:


- Glossary of LGBT+ terminology

- Copy of the accompanying slideshow (don’t worry, the training is not death by Powerpoint - it's very interactive with plenty of discussion)


All delegates will also receive one month’s personal support from me and a certificate of attendance to show that you are an LGBT+ affirmative therapist.


Cost: £180 per delegate

Location: I am able to travel anywhere in the UK and internationally to deliver the training, with travel expenses and accommodation costs being covered by the organiser. A minimum of six delegates will be required. Alternatively, I deliver training days that I organise myself. Details of upcoming training dates can be found below.

CPD hours: 6

If you are ready to become an LGBT+ affirmative therapist and would like to attend a face to face training day, book your place below or contact me today to discuss your options. You can reach me at or by calling or texting 07816 181 428. I'll be happy to assist you.

Upcoming training dates:

Saturday 9th July 2022 - Taking place on Zoom - Please click here to book your place


Option 2 – E-learning


This is an electronic learning experience covering everything that the face to face training covers.


The e-learning option is delivered via a memory stick loaded with presentations, documents and videos that have been specially created to help you become an LGBT+ affirmative therapist. This option includes submitting a reflective journal to me detailing what you have learnt and how you will implement it in your practice, after which a certificate will be awarded to show that you are an LGBT+ affirmative therapist.


Cost: £149


Book your LGBT+ affirmative e-learning experience below. Once ordered, your loaded memory stick will be posted to you. There is no charge for postage.


Option 3 – 1:1 mentorship

A fantastic opportunity to work with me personally as I devote my time, knowledge, skills and experience to help you live and breath being LGBT+ affirmative in your therapeutic work. Mentorship will involve monthly catchups with me, either face to face or online to discuss your progress and set tasks that will ultimately lead to you become a leading LGBT+ affirmative therapist.

Cost: £49 per month

A minimum of six months commitment is required.

If you are ready to become an LGBT+ affirmative therapist and would like to engage in the 1:1 mentorship opportunity, contact me today to discuss your options. You can reach me at or by calling or texting 07816 181 428. I'll be happy to assist you.