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LGBT+ affirmative therapy is about having a true understanding of the specific issues and challenges that LGBT+ people face, plus knowledge of the barriers that many LGBT+ people face when trying to access health and therapeutic services, as well as being truly accepting of LGBT+ people's identities. It goes beyond simply being ok with LGBT+ people or being fine with working with that community. It's much more in-depth than that and in the present day every ethical therapist should be LGBT+ affirmative.


As a therapist and as a human being I am fully LGBT+ affirmative. I don't mind sharing that I am LGBT+, which means I have a lived experience to draw on in addition to the knowledge and skills that I'm able to utilise when working with LGBT+ clients.


If you are LGBT+ then I fully welcome, embrace and accept you for who you are. You will receive a compassionate, understanding, inclusive, accessible service where you are free to express who you are without the need to edit parts of your identity.


If you are a therapist and wanting to become LGBT+ affirmative, then I am here to help you to achieve that. I provide several options to help you grow, develop, and become truly LGBT+ affirmative. I'm a global leader in this area, having presented on the topic around the world, written the book on working with LGBT+ clients, advised the UK government on mental health policy for LGBT+ people, won numerous awards, being named among the most influential LGBT+ people in the UK for my work supporting LGBT+ people, and having trained over 3,000 people from around the globe so far in how to be LGBT+ aware and affirmative. I'm here to support you with this too. I literally wrote the book on it.

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