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As a hypnotherapist specialising in anxiety, confidence, quitting smoking and weight loss, I absolutely love what I do. Every day I help people get to where they want to be in life, and that is truly an honour and a privilege.


With this in mind, I wanted to share one of my typical days with you, so you can get a feel for the kind of people I work with and how I help them.



I arrive at my Warwick clinic for my first client of the day. It's been a productive morning so far. I was up at 6:00am to walk the dogs, then fed my chickens and replied to some emails. Today's first client is on the Virtual Gastric Band programme. She is in her mid-40s and struggled with her weight for many years. Today is her third session and she has lost an amazing 9lbs so far. That's a fantastic result and we celebrate it over a cuppa before the hypnosis starts. Something that this particular lady struggles with is picking at food in the evening. So we have a highly motivational chat about that and the hypnosis focuses on weight falling off even more once that bad habit stops. I believe in this client 100% and tell her so.



My next client is here for a stop smoking session. They've been smoking for over 30 years, but we discuss how that disgusting habit is coming to an end today. Over the next 90 minutes we discuss their smoking habits, trigger points, and life as a non-smoker. It's highly motivational and involves a heavy reality check about the impact smoking has on one's health. It resonates strongly with this client as their mother died from smoking related illness. The hypnosis focuses on everything covered earlier in the session so that it can be 100% tailored to this client's needs. At the end of the session, the client says that it feels like a switch has been flicked and the urge to smoke is completely gone. I tell the client that's because they are now a non-smoker and agree to catch up with them in one week to see how they're getting on.



It's lunch time, so I go to M&S and pick up a salad. While there I bump into one of my ex-clients. This frequently happens as Warwick is a small town. She tells me that since her final weight loss session with me seven months ago, she's lost a further three stone. I prasie her and we arrange to meet up for coffee to talk in more detail about how well she's done. I love my job!



I see two new clients for a consultation. This is a free 30 minute appointment that I like to offer. It's important to me that potential clients have a chance to make sure I'm the right hypnotherapist for them, and vice versa. I agree to work with both clients. One wants to lose weight and the other would like to ovecome a fear of driving. I'm confident of helping them both.



Now it's time to drive to my Evesham clinic for my final two clients of the day. One is a complimentary consultation, and I agree to help them quit smoking.



My final client of the day is on the Virtual Gastric Band programme. She's a lady in her 50s who wants to be able to wear nice clothes again. Today is her fifth session and so far she has lost a staggering 1st 7lbs. This is clearly a superstar client and we discuss how she is going to reward her weight loss. I suggest that nice new outfit may be on the cards, and we talk about that for a little while. The hypnosis focuses on long term weight loss, remaining slim once that goal has been achieved, and not letting anything send her back to old fat habits.



It's home time, but first I send a text message to all of my Virtual Gastric Band clients with a call to action. I want them to do one thing this evening that will aid their weight loss. Text messages start coming back, saying things such as "no pudding for me tonight", "I'm off for a run", and "you always check up on me at exactly the right time".


Did I mention that I love my job!

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