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Logo - September 2016

As a hypnotherapist, I've helped many people to overcome their issues and achieve their goals. On this page you will find testimonials from some of the clients I have worked with. Some will be written, some will be in video form, and others will be before and after photographs. Each will tell an individual story of their experience of hypnotherapy with me and what they gained from it.



I worked with Healey to help him overcome anxiety and nerves related to performing on stage, which is something he does regularly. However, anxiety had been getting the better of him and it was beginning to impact on his performances. After several sessions of hypnotherapy, Healey's anxiety and nerves disappeared and he now performs with confidence to audiences of thousands.



"I saw Daniel for four hypnotherapy sessions to cut down on my binge drinking. I wasn't sure it would work as I thought it was going to be me being told not to drink so much wine at night. I don't like being told what to do. But I really found this to be a life changing experience. It worked and I now barely drink alcohol. I have more time for the things that matter now."

Chris 1


"I can recommend Daniel as a hypnotherapist. Last year I had two sessions from him to break a particular thought pattern, which had served me well before but was now getting in the way. It was indeed a life-changing experience! I appreciated Daniel's professionalism, the words he used and the encouraging, non-judgmental approach. I would encourage anyone to visit him: it's not just the seemingly major problems that can benefit from hypnotherapy you know!"






"Daniel very kindly came to talk to us at the Endometriosis UK Coventry & Warwickshire Support Group when we were looking at emotional wellbeing in relation to Endometriosis, a chronic pain condition, and its associated symptoms. Daniel came well-prepared, having researched the condition beforehand and came and gave us some personable, understandable insight into the help that therapy can offer for women with the condition and in everyday life. He didn't give us the 'hard sell' to plug his own practice, but very kindly brought us literature, discounts, and took part in our charity raffle. Daniel's a very approachable and thoughtful person, and we'd welcome him back to talk to the group any time."


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Chris 2


I was really pleased to help Chris get into the right mindset and gain control over her weight. It was great to hear about how that weight control was maintained, even when on holiday at an all inclusive resort.



When looking at my Google business page one day, I stumbled upon this lovely feedback from the performer Sassi Afrika. I helped her to overcome nerves and stage fright, so she could perform as she wanted to.