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By Daniel Browne, Jul 26 2017 10:58AM

In this modern world we live in there are work commitments, family commitments, hours spent on social media or answering emails, and all sorts of other demands placed on us. But what about time for yourself?

Too often we neglect our own needs by trying to keep up with what we think we need to do, but that can easily lead to burnout and feelings of resentment if we're not careful.

It's something I've been guilty of myself in the past, and I'm sure you can relate to it too. You know, that feeling that you have no time for yourself to do the things that you want to do. Life doesn't need to be like that though, and I have a challenge for you...

Starting right now, I'd like you to make some time for yourself. Even if it's only 10 minutes so you can sit down with a cup of tea. From this very day, make a commitment to yourself to do something for YOU each and every day.

Maybe you could run yourself a nice hot bubble bath in the evening and enjoy a soak in it. Perhaps you could go for a daily walk to get some fresh air and exercise. Maybe you can arrange to meet up with a friend once a week and get in touch with other friends on the other days. Or possibly you could just sit down and do absolutely nothing.

We all deserve a bit of 'me time'. You deserve some 'me time'. As you get into the habit of focusing on yourself a bit more, you will eventually thank yourself for that gift.

By spending more time on yourself on your needs, you may also find it has a knock on effect in other areas of your life and you become more productive in those other areas. It will enable you to recharge your batteries and feel like you have more energy to do everything else.

Give it a go and notice how good it makes you feel. And remember that there is always time for yourself!

If you'd like some help getting more of a balance in your life, contact me today to discuss how hypnotherapy can help.

By Daniel Browne, Jun 21 2017 09:15AM

As I write this blog, I'm on day 23 of a 26 day stretch without a day off due to running my hypnotherapy business (a lot of people want to lose weight or quit smoking at the moment) and being busy with my role as Chairman of a charity.

When busy, it can be really easy to grab food on the go and fall into bad eating habits that pile on the pounds. I'm human, so I may have slipped up a couple of times, but on the whole it's been all about preparation.

So for example, I have dinners prepared for when I get home, such as cold meats and salad or something I've thrown in the slow cooker. I also have strawberries and other fruits prepared in the fridge if I want to grab a snack quickly. Sandwiches are made the night before so I always have a lunch to take with me, and a bottle of water is always at my side.

If you have a busy lifestyle and struggle to factor losing weight into that, make a commitment today to be more prepared. Get your meals ready the night before or, like one of my clients who is in this group, do some batch cooking at the weekend so you haven't got to think about your meals in the week.

Drop the excuses and just do it.

By Daniel Browne, May 15 2017 04:06PM


If you eat when you are stressed, sad, depressed, bored, anxious or at any time due to the emotions you're feeling, here are some ways you can break that negative cycle.

1. If you're depressed or feeling lonely, pick up your phone and call someone who always puts a smile on your face. Or get in touch with a friend you haven't seen for a while and arrange to see them. It's good to talk to people, especially those who care about you.

2. If you're feeling anxious or stressed, reduce that negative energy by dancing to your favourite song, going for a walk, running yourself a nice hot bubble bath and relaxing in it, or doing something that you know will cheer you up (but not eating!!!).

3. If you're bored, do something that you'll enjoy. Watch a film or catch up on a tv series you've been meaning to see. Go for a walk and explore the outdoors. Or maybe you could take up a new hobby where you may also meet new people.

There are so many things you could do instead of eating. Understanding what makes you emotionally eat is the first step. Then try some of the tips above and see how that helps. And if you need to talk or a helping hand, I'm here for you. Click here to discover more.

By Daniel Browne, Mar 27 2017 12:37PM

Summer is coming... Perhaps that fills you with dread as you worry about looking huge in the nicer weather or feel unable to wear nice summer clothes because you're too fat. This summer doesn't need to be like that, though. You have the power within you to make some positive changes to your shape and size before summer arrives.

There are just 12 weeks until the official start of summer (21st June), and do you know what that means? That's 12 weeks to take action and be a slimmer, healthier person by the time summer arrives.

If the thought of being fat during summer fills you with dread, it's time to do something about it. You have 12 weeks to make a positive change and lose some weight. By the beginning of summer you could have lost:

12lbs if you lose 1lb per week

1st 10lbs if you lose 2lbs per week

2st 8lbs if you lose 3lbs per week

3st 6lbs if you lose 4lbs per week

The transformation could be truly spectacular and you have the power to do it!

If you need a helping hand to melt your fat away, I'm here to help you too. With my Virtual Gastric Band programme you could be saying goodbye to fat for good and hello to a slimmer, fitter and healthier you.

Get in touch to find out more or book a complimentary consultation.

Otherwise, I wish you the best of luck with your weight loss journey in the lead up to summer. I believe in you!

By Daniel Browne, Mar 20 2017 05:24PM

1. Reflect on why you are losing weight. It's all very well saying you want to lose weight, but why are you doing it? Maybe it's so you feel and look better, or perhaps it's so you're looking after your future health. Whatever your reason for losing weight, it's important to have one.

2. Create realistic goals. You may want to lose ten stone over the next six months, but think about what is realistic. Start with smaller goals that will ultimately contribute to your bigger one. For example, aim to lose half a stone in one month. Then aim for another half a stone the next month. Take smaller steps that will help you to achieve the ultimate goal.

3. Spring clean your fridge, freezer and cupboards. Throw out any food that your body doesn't need (or donate it to a local food bank or homeless shelter) and get rid of your old treats. Organise your fridge, freezer and cupboards with healthy, nutritious food at the front and a little bit of what you fancy at the back.

4. Make sure healthy treats are on display. Keep fruit out on the counter in your kitchen and have other healthy treats within easy reach. Then when you feel like you'd like a treat, you'll be more tempted to reach for the healthy foods rather than the things that will keep you fat.

5. Keep track of what you eat and drink. Even if you have to write a food and drink diary, it's important to be mindful of what you are eating and drinking. Sometimes it's easy to eat more than we need and not consider how unhealthy certain drinks can be. Think twice before you put that food or drink in your mouth. Ask yourself whether your body really needs it. Become more mindful of how you treat your body.

6. Fill up on veggies. One food group that is often severely lacking from people's diets is vegetables. They are low in calories, provide essential nutrients and will aid your weight loss success. In fact, I recommend eating at least two vegetable based meals each week.

7. Make exercise a social or family activity. Now that the evenings are lighter, make an effort to go for a walk after dinner with friends or with your family. Walking boosts metabolism, helps control weight and can also boost your mood. So make it a healthy part of your routine.

8. Drink plenty of water. If you are one of my Virtual Gastric Band clients you will be aware of how much I talk about the importance of drinking plenty of water. Your body will massively benefit from the healthy intake of water. It can help you to lose weight too. I recommend always keeping a drink of water nearby and sipping throughout the day.

9. Eat smaller amounts of food. Many people are guilty of eating more than their body needs. Make a choice today to not be one of those people. Don't abuse your body like that. Don't use your body as a waste bin. You deserve better, and eating smaller amounts of food will aid your weight loss success.

10. Find an old item of summer clothing from your wardrobe that is too small for you, or buy a new item of summer clothing in a smaller size. Hang that item of clothing on the front of your wardrobe so you see it every day. Whenever you look at that item of clothing, tell yourself that you WILL fit into it at some point in the summer. Tell yourself that every day and let it shape your motivation and determination to lose weight. Try on that item of clothing each week to see how close you are getting to feeling it fit you perfectly. Let that provide another boost. Are you going to remain fat this summer or are you going to take control and make sure you can fit into that item of clothing?